Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use Giggle?

Giggle connects girls in a private and secure manner for many different purposes.

Whether you’re having a tough time or a good time, Giggle will introduce you to girls who will help.

From finding new roommates to getting emotional support, from finding freelance work or a freelancer to bonding over an important social cause, Giggle has the framework to widen your world of interaction.

By having a girls-only and private platform, Giggle avoids trolling and abuse from being something you just have to accept on the Internet.

How do I make money on Giggle?

There are currently two ways to make money on Giggle – through Giggle Gigs and Giggle Room.

Giggle Gigs connects freelancers to employers. All you need to do is create a profile, detail the work you are offering and swipe through the deck to make a match. On Giggle, all financial details are negotiated by the freelancer and employer. Giggle does not take a percentage of any amounts exchanged or earned.

Giggle Room connects girls with a room to rent with girls who need to rent a room. It is as simple as creating a profile about you and what you have to offer (i.e, either a room or paying rent!). You can swipe through the selection of possible new roommates, match with as many as you want and choose who you want to live with. Giggle does not take a percentage of any amounts exchanged or earned.

How are Giggles formed? 

A giggle is a group of 2-6 girls. The giggle is formed depending on a girl selecting girls who appeal to their profile and category of interest. If there is interest, a girl swipes right. If not, she swipes left to look at the next profile. Once matched, a giggle (two girls) is formed. This matching process can continue to grow until either the maximum number of six girls or the maximum you’ve specified on your profile, is met. What makes this app unique? All the girls in the giggle have to like each other. This is so that everyone has consented to each other being there.

How do we maintain a female only space?

The aim is to create a safe and secure female only platform. Each time a new user attempts to register on the app, they are asked to take a “selfie”. This image is then sent via an API call to our partner, Kairos.

Kairos is a leading face recognition AI company with an ethical approach to verification, that reflects our globally diverse communities. Through computer vision and deep learning, they recognise females in videos, photos, and the real world.

In less than a second, the image is analysed. The AI does this by comparing the image in question with thousands of other images. From this, it determines the likelihood of the subject being female at a stated confidence level, based on the bank of past results. This information is received as a Json string showing the percentage likelihood of the subject being either male or female.

We have set the image confidence level at 95% for a female.

The image is also subjected to a “liveness” algorithm. The algorithm detects pixel-level patterns in a single selfie taken by the end-user. In this way, a user attempting to access giggle by taking the “selfie” of a female photograph is rejected, and access to the app is withheld by a kind message advising that they have not been verified.

Giggle has no need for facial recognition. The app does not call for facial recognition, and does not record personal identity to any image. The privacy of our users is paramount.

If you are experiencing any difficulty, Giggle HQ can help you! Contact us here.

Why cant I use my Facebook or Instagram to login to giggle?

The reason Giggle did not partner with more established platforms is we don’t want your data to be vulnerable. We limit any data shared only to the service providers essential for the operation of the app.

What is a female only space?

A female only space is an area reserved for females. Giggle is an online female only space for females aged 16+. It is an environment for females to connect in a single-sex ecosystem, free from the misogynistic abuse and interruptions often experienced on unisex online platforms.

As a female only space, Giggle provides users with a refuge amongst the company of females. On Giggle, females are able to connect with users all around the world for the purpose of finding roommates, engaging in freelance work, friends for travel, as well as creating diverse groups to converse, support, help and advise in over 100 categories.

For any issues, please contact

How many Giggles can be created?

As many as you want!

Can existing friends form Giggles?

Definitely! Send your unique Giggle URL to girls you already know to facilitate a quick match. This is done via the Profile Preview screen shown after creating a profile. Just click on the dots and text your profile to your friends!

Is Giggle free? 

Giggle is a freemium platform which means all categories, connections and communication are free to use. However, Giggle also offers premium upgrades for some extra features. These are Giggle Invisible for more privacy, Giggle Slide for instant connections and Giggle Peak to see who has “liked” your profile.

Verification (Pink Badge) Qualification

The Pink lady badge on your Giggle Talk profile lets Women know that your account is authentic. To receive the Pink Lady badge, your account must be meet the following criteria, subject to approval by Giggle.

You will need to confirm your identity with Giggle in order to be Verified. You may choose one of three methods of verifying your identity:
Official website: Provide the link to an official website that references you (or your organisation) and your Giggle account.
ID verification: Provide a photo of an official government issued identification document, such as your Driver’s License or Passport.
Official email address: Provide an official email address with a domain relevant to the notability category you choose.

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