Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are trans-girls welcome on giggle?

Yes! Trans-girls are 100% welcome on giggle. Giggle’s “gender verification” onboarding process is a gatekeeper to stop men from getting on to the platform, not girls or those who identity as girls. If you are at all concerned with the possibility of being misgendered, you are welcome to contact giggle HQ for manual onboarding. Giggle both fully supports and recognises gender identity and will never discriminate. Please email if you have any questions.

How are giggles formed? 

A giggle is a group of 2-6 girls. The giggle is formed depending on a girl selecting girls who appeal to their profile and category of interest. If there is interest, a girl swipes right. If not, she swipes left to look at the next profile. Once matched, a giggle (two girls) is formed. This matching process can continue to grow until either the maximum number of six girls or the maximum you’ve specified on your profile, is met. What makes this app unique? All the girls in the giggle have to like each other. This is so that everyone has consented to each other being there.

Why is bio-metric gender verification software used to access giggle?

The aim is to create a safe and secure platform for girls. Bio-metric gender recognition software ensures that those within the platform are verified as girls. In biometric systems, the goal of liveness testing is to determine if the biometric being captured is an actual measurement from the authorised, live person who is present at the time of capture.This involves taking a selfie and the gender recognition software produces a result. This process is closely monitored by real girls. Bio-Science, not pseudo-science like phrenology, is behind this process. It determines both male and female genders and does not discriminate by race or age. Gender Identity is a separate issue. If you are experiencing any difficulty, real girls and members of the LGBTQ community can help you at giggle HQ! AI and real people working together to make the final decision. Contact us here.

How many giggles can be created?

As many as a girl wants! The potential for giggles is infinite.

Can existing friends form giggles?

Definitely! Send your unique giggle URL to girls you already know to facilitate a quick match. 

Is giggle free? 

giggle is a freemium platform which means all categories, connections and communication are free to use. However, giggle also offers girls with premium upgrades for some extra features. 

Can boys use giggle? 

giggle is for girls only.

Why is giggle for girls only?

We’re not anti-men. We simply believe that girls deserve their special online space where they can safely form groups with other like-minded girls, and be free from any nastiness that can sometimes be found on other popular platforms. It’s also nice to just hang out with the girls. Wouldn’t you agree? 

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Be our first giggle

Add your name and email to be the first to know when we launch!

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