You can use giggle in an infinite number of ways

How To Giggle

giggle is an evolution of the swipe-and-match system. Instead of just looking for one person to match with, you have the opportunity to match with multiple girls so that you can create your own group and become a giggle!

Choose Your Purpose

Giggle has 11 different categories:

room – find a girl roommate, rent out a room to a girl, start a new lease of just girls, find a girl house-sitter.

travel – find girl travel companions, find a place to stay with a girl, rent out a room short-term to a girl, get local advice from a girl.

gigs – find freelance work in subcategories including acting, baby sitting, dress making, graphic design, massage, photography, personal training, make up, writing and many more! It’s an all-girl work environment!

activism – find girls to connect over animal rights, community organising, environmental activism, feminism, lobbying, protesting or general political activism.

health – find girls and connect specifically for health reasons. General advice, cancer, diabetes, periods and pregnancy. The subcategories are designed to ensure that girls are surrounded by girls who understand what they are going through.

support – find girls and connect specifically for support. The subcategories are designed to ensure that girls are surrounded by girls who understand what they are going through.

beliefs – find girls and connect with the purpose of your beliefs. From religion to spirituality to philosophy.

exercise – find girls and create giggles for exercise. You can exercise in person or simply have motivators in your phone to ensure that you stick to your goals!

hobbies – find girls and connect over your passions. Art, reading, cooking, gaming, meditation or wine. It’s your purpose and your choice!

mentoring & Networking – find girls and connect for your career. Subcategories are broken down into industries or professions, to ensure that no matter what stage you are at you can give advice or get it.

social – find girls and social network! This is where you can find girls who definitely want to meet in person for some real world connection.

Create Your Profile

About you

Don’t forget – you can make as many profiles as you need or want!

You’re an individual looking for a group and it’s your chance to show yourself off! This is where you’re going to show off who you are. First, simply enter your first name and your age.

What you want to share about yourself is entirely up to you. The information you give out to people about yourself can be very generalised or very specific to what you are looking for. You are the one who gets to create your boundaries and feel confident in yourself.

Age preference
Choose the age bracket of the girl/s you want to match with. If you not fussy about the age, simply open the options to the maximum amount.

You might want to find girls near you, in a specific city, anywhere in a country or anywhere in the world.

Number of girls in the giggle
The number you choose (2-6) includes you. This decision guides you when swiping through girls. You will be looking for 1-5 to match with and form a giggle.

What you’re looking for
Describe the giggle you want. If you want to connect with girls online and stay online, say it here. If you really want to find girls to meet in person, make it clear. It’s always your choice!

Create as many profiles as you want
You profile is specific to the subcategory you’re in. But you can use giggle for as many purposes as you want. Each time you go into a subcategory to find a new giggle, you will need to create a new profile. This is so you can personalise every profile to the purpose and find exactly what you’re looking for.

For example, you can have a profile in gigs to find freelance work, while also getting health support in general advice and enjoying a reading giggle in Hobbies “books” subcategory. The choice is always yours!

Can you have multiple giggles in one subcategory?
Of course! You just create a new profile – using the same info if you want – and create until you connect with exactly the girls you’re looking for!

Connect With Girls

Once you have filled in your bio, you will be taken to the girls who you can match with! You will see their picture, name and age. To find out more about them, just scroll down and read their giggle bio. If you’re not interested in a girl, simply swipe her picture to the left or press the “X” at the bottom of her profile. If you are interested in getting to know her more, swipe her picture to the right or press on the “tick” image at the bottom of the screen.

Because you’re looking to form a group, you’re looking for more than one girl. If you’re looking for a giggle of 4, for example, you will keep swiping and when all four of your have liked each other, a giggle is formed!

The giggle algorithm makes this very simple by making sure that Girl A who likes Girl B sees Girl C who is liked by Girl B and so on.

In the unlikely event that you’re struggling to match with girls, you can use Giggle Peak to see who is liking you and connect quickly or change your profile to attract different girls!

If you would like more privacy, you can use Giggle Invisible to ensure that only girls you have liked will see you.


Pressing on the “giggle girl” icon on the top right hand corner of the swiping page will take you to your match page. Here, you giggles are categorised by subcategory and you will see the profile pictures of all of the girls in your giggle. It’s time to connect and converse!

Anyone can begin the conversation. Just think of it as a normal, real life conversation with a real live girl.

However, if you’re wanting to message someone who has not liked you, you can purchase “Giggle Slide” for a premium experience. So long as the other girl has also opted to use Giggle Slide, you can message each other directly without matching.

Good luck with your Giggle!

Maximise Connections with Premium Features

giggle slide

giggle slide allows you to message a girl without matching. If you have giggle slide, girls can message you. If you see a giggle with the giggle slide logo on her profile, you can message her immediately.

giggle slide can especially be of benefit to girls in the “gigs”, “travel” and “room” categories who may want to be easily and constantly contactable.

giggle peek

giggle peek allows you to see the girls who have “liked” your profile. If you have multiple profiles, you will be able to see who has liked each and every profile.

giggle peek can especially be of benefit to girls who are in a hurry and want to make a connection quickly or for girls who aren’t connecting with the girls they want to. By using giggle peek you will get an insight into the personalities your profile is attracting.

giggle invisible

giggle invisible gives you even more privacy if you want or need it. giggle invisible ensures that your profile is only seen by the girls you have liked.

giggle invisible can especially be of benefit to girls who are in the “health” or “support” categories and are using giggle to connect with girls for a very sensitive purpose.

Share your Profile

you are able to turn your profile in a link to share via text, email or other messaging platforms if you wish. To do this, you just need to go to the “…” menu beside the profile you have created on the home screen.

Sharing your profile is especially useful if you want to bring existing friends, family or clients into your giggle.

If you share your profile to a girl who has downloaded giggle and created a profile in the same category as you, she will be taken straight to your profile.

If you share your profile to a girl who has not yet downloaded giggle, she will be taken to the App Store or Giggle Play. Once she has downloaded giggle & set up a profile, she will need to go back to the link and be redirected to your profile.


You can link your profile to your business website to take clients directly to your profile. To do this, you just need to go to the “…” menu beside the profile you have created on the home screen. A hyper-link will be created in a message screen. You can copy & paste this to wherever you want.

If you would like to embed your link with a giggle logo on your website, they are available at


the following are some “giggle personas” created to give you inspiration.

1. Isabelle has a spare room in her apartment in Booklyn she would like to rent out to travelling girls for short-term rentals. She creates a profile in “Giggle Travel” and chooses “Brooklyn” as the location. Isabelle is a massage therapist and wants more clients. So she creates a profile in “Giggle Gigs”. Isabelle is finding herself struggling with anxiety and doesn’t know who to turn to. She creates a profile in “Giggle Support” and chooses “emotional support” as her purpose.

2. Grace is moving to London for work and doesn’t know anyone. First, she needs a place to live. She posts in “Giggle Room”, wanting to rent a room in London. One of Grace’s passions is activism. She decides this would be a great way to meet some like-minded girls and creates a profile in “Giggle Activism”, choosing “Animals” as her purpose. After discovering just how expensive London is, Grace decides to earn some extra money as a make up artist and posts a profile in “Giggle Gigs”. She also wants to get fit and creates a profile in “Giggle Exercise” to form a running giggle with girls who are at a similar fitness level to her. Suddenly, she has lots of connections, friends and a full life in a new city!

3. Kate is a single mum who wants to get back onto the dating scene but it has been a long time and she needs some advice! Because all of her friends are in couples, she decides to create a profile in “Giggle Support” choosing “Motherhood” and “Relationship” as her purposes. When Kate goes on a date, she needs a babysitter! She posts a profile in “Giggle Gigs” to find one!

4. Olivia is single, in her fifties and very successful. She doesn’t have a lot of time for making connections in her life, but would love to connect with some new girls. She posts a profile in “Giggle Social” and chooses “Trivia” as her subcategory, because she knows a restaurant close by and would love to make a weekly event out of going. Olivia would also love to pass on her knowledge to other girls who are working their way up in the professional world. She posts a profile in “Mentoring & Networking”. Eventually, Olivia decides to go on a holiday and posts a profile in “Giggle Travel” to find a travel giggle to go to Greece for Summer. She meets three girls from different parts of the world and they meet in Athens.

5. Imogen is retired but loves sewing and dressmaking. For some extra pocket money, she posts a profile in “Giggle Gigs” and connects with clients for alterations. She is also dealing with some health issues and feels like no one around her understands what she is going through. She creates a profile in “Giggle Health” and meets girls who are dealing with the exact same problems she is.