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giggle safely and securely connects you with other girls who share similar interests.

Female social media & networking

Giggle is designed to give girls choice, control and connection. Whether it is finding a roommate, a running buddy, a gig or simply someone to confide in and receive emotional support from, girls can do this on giggle.

Find travel companions, roommates, jobs and much more.


Find travel companions, roommates, jobs and much more.


Form giggles for activism, support and fitness.


Real people and AI working together.

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Help a girl-based charity by purchasing a product from girl-owned business.

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    Need something fixed at home or looking for a specialist to turn your idea into something real? Use giggle locally or globally to hire or find opportunities. Have complete control over negotiations, payments and earnings. giggle doesn’t take any fees. Everything you earn is yours to keep.

    “I believe all girls are empowered in their own way and that when they group together, anything is possible.”

    Sall had a dream: to move to Hollywood and build a successful career as a screenwriter. Instead her time in LA turned into a nightmare with ten years of harassment, abuse and misogyny where she experienced everything that the #metoo movement represents. It wasn’t until she moved to New York and lived with a group of girls, that she remembered how much better life can be. Returning home to Australia to recover, Sall drew from her New York trip as inspiration for a new project: a secure online community where groups of girls can connect.

    In one word, giggle.

    • “Giggle is a place where girls can avoid the misogynistic harassment & abuse found on current popular platforms.”

      Wendy G. @wendyG
    • “A secure online community where groups of girls can connect.”

      Julidel @juli002

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